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New 3D culture substrate

MatriMix series

3D culture substrates composed of biomolecules

Scaffold materials in cell culture are essential for influencing cell morphology, cell growth, cell motility, protein expression, differentiation, and morphology. Cells recognize the physical and chemical properties of the scaffold material. In many cases, the behavior of cells when cultured two-dimensionally on a conventional plastic cell culture dish does not necessarily reflect the in vivo properties. For this reason three-dimensional culture technology has been attracting attention in recent years. The MatriMix series is a 3D culture substrate that was developed for culturing cells similar to in vivo environment. The components for the first MatriMix product, MatriMix (511), include fibrillar collagen, recombinant human laminin-511 E8 fragment, and hyaluronic acid. The types of collagen, isoforms of laminin, and the concentration of each component can be customized to provide the optimal extracellular environment for your target cells. Gelation takes advantage of collagen's ability to form fibers at a physiological temperature and solvent environment. If you are not satisfied with your existing scaffolds, we invite you to try our diverse line of 3D culture substrates.

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